21 August 2016

Product design

What is 3D prototyping ?

A prototype is a first design of a new product or idea.
This can be realised by creating a digital model. To start a consultation is required. What are the visual specifications of the final product ? Which characteristics are needed ? Does your prototype need to be visual or functional ? Is a digital visualisation sufficient or do you need a physical 3D prototype ? How strong must it be ? In which material your prototype must be made ? Is it a scaled object or full size prototype ? Which tests are required before starting the production ? Do you intend a great number of items which need another production technique (ex moulding, cnc milling, bronze casting …) or a small nummber of items (also possible with 3D printing). For this last technique it is important to compare the costs of botch processes. By evaluating all these questions first, a targeted first design is deliverd.

3d4all workflow productdesign
When you as a customer contacts us with your idea it takes a full proces to realise the final prototype.
Through this proces you are closely involved to have input anytime for adjustments or changes in order to let your idea grow towards the final result that corresponds to your expectations. An intermediate digital model is delivered at your approval. A preliminary (draft) 3D print is provided for testing or simulating. When needed your modifications can be applied. Once the prototype is approved to be final we also offer further consultancy for implementation, assembly, production technique, ….

Your prototype is so much more than just a 3D print of your design.

We also offer some finishing actions such as assemby, sanding, painting, air brush, …