Depending on the application we use different techniques to create a 3D model.

    • 3D scanning / different 3D techniques
      – Artec Eva (mobile handscanner for larger objects 0.3 mm precision)
      – Artec Spider (mobile handscanner for small objects 0.1 mm precision)
      – Photogrammetry (Photogrammetry (From very large objects that aren’t scannable with the handscanners we take a lot (100+) of high resolution pictures from which we calculate a 3D model)
      – Scanbooth for mini-me’s
      On request 3D scanning at location with our handscanners is also possible.
      With 3D scanning the original model stays intact and on your pc different operations can be carried out :

* calculation of the volume of a complex shaped object
* different measurements
* scale or make simulations
* the 3D model can be edited to recover imperfections or damages
* creation of negative forms
* reproducing of parts …..

  • Technical drawing / 3D modelling in several software packages.
    Based on consultation, measurements, drawings, … we design your concept in 3D drawing software.
    When requiered we come on site for measurement of your object in order to design an exact 3D model.
    To determine accurate dimensions we use for example a digital caliper for both internal and external dimensions.
    A 2D drawing also can be used to start from to get a 3D model.

Digital models can be delivered in different formats.

Digital visualisations can be made without 3D print obligation.